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Due South, Paul Gross, David Marciano stuff for sale, free shipping to US 2
NBC renews "Law & Order" 17
The Matrix makes no sense 7
TV Guide reality show looking for "America's Next Producer" 3
Friday Night Lights location? 3
14 year olds are too young to hear swear words? 4
If you can't beat the cicadas, commercialize them 2
"Star Wars: Clone Wars" premiering October 3rd 2
A PACT/PLEDGE - I will ignore john shocked's posts 2
You're inarguably an idiot if you think that... 3
Heidi & Spencer claim "I'm A Celebrity..." torture, NBC says let's go to the ta 2
Roseanne Fans : David and Darlene Together Again in New Show 7
One Third Commercials, Two Thirds Failures - The Whole Truth About the New Seaso 5
REAL TIME: Falwell and Gays 7
Grey's Anatomy 10/16 episode: spoiler and a question 2
VH1's "Flavor of Love" is year's top basic cable show 5
CSI Miami: Try not to yawn too hard at this plot.. 19
"The Office" Gets 22-Episode Third Season 2
Parents Council lists Best / Worst Advertisers 20
The NY Times Joins NPR in Advancing the Conservative Spin on the Global Warming 2
If this is the direction in which THE GOOD WIFE is heading... 13
Oprah's show with Sidney Portier 2
CBS moves Monday's "Rock Star" to VH1 2
Bad Endorsement Ideas 3
Time Warner makes concessions in FOX fight 9
"Prison Break" Series Finale 5 Cell Block Poll (Spoilers) 5
A stunning grand dame Jew of the Silver Screen -- Lauren Bacall... 'Memba Her?? 12
Obama in blind panic over debt, Afghanistan and his falling ratings 3
Sideways star Calgary-bound for Duvall mini-series (Daughters Of Joy) 3
OT--To my friends here 13
Gilbert Gottfried loses Aflac gig after earthquake tweets 13