10.5 rerun - what was cut?

TV Arts

I never got around to watching the original 4-hour version,
and tonight's was only 3 hours.  A quick look during the
last 30 minutes indicates the bit with the governor's aide
was left out - correct?  Anything else?

Why does NBC condense repeat broadcasts of its made-for-TV movies and
other programming?
In this case, at least, they figured nobody would watch anyway because 
it was a) on Saturday and b) a rerun. So they didn't want to have to put 
it on two nights running.  It was just there to create some hype for the 
sequel on Sunday.
A 10.5 return on Saturday? Maybe they just wanna make sure people would
ask less QUEs on the first one...
More commercial time?
Usually a first run TV movie has more commercial time.  Fewer viewers
are watching repeat showings.  But 4 hours of a scheduled program
will always have more commercial time than 3 hours of programming.
They cut out the musical numbers. :)

Out of the typical 4 hour movie, about one hour is commercials. I didn't 
watch the repeat, but I suspect that everything was there, it was just sped 
up. There may also have been about half-an-hour less of commercials (20 
minutes at least), which would shorten the length. And don't forget that by 
cutting the two movies into one, they can eliminate an extra set of end and 
title credits, with the recap clips, saving about 10 to 20 minutes. 20 
minutes of commercials plus 20 minutes of credits and clips, with the speed 
increased by about 11% (3h20/3h) would allow the show to fit.

The only way to tell if anything else was eliminated would be to compare the 
two versions.

When NBC reran the Galactica movie, shrinking it from 4 to 3 hours,
they did cut out several scenes.  Mostly people walking around, so it
was not really noticeable.


So 10.5 was a rerun?  When was the original airing?