24 Finale : Small Spoiler

TV Arts

Best moment of the season: Curtis' Fist Of Death into the face of the
assassin bitch. I backskipped my Tivo six times. :)
I've always felt that her recurring character was a sly commentary on
the show ALIAS.
That is an interesting theory... but didn't 24 start the same year as
And Mandy was in the very first episode.
Yes, it did.
That may have been the point all along about that character because the
producers were likely aware that ALIAS was going into production at the
same time. The real kicker too is that she gets away with all her
treachery with one pardon by the President. Remember she took out the
plane load of folks as well during the series opener.
They never identified the person responsible for that.
I'm going to have look at the Season One again. I think you are wrong.
The woman who parachuted from the plane looked a lot like her.