ABC's "Edgar Floats" pilot gets script order

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ABC's 'Edgar Floats' Alive With Script Order

EXCLUSIVE: ABC’s drama pilot Edgar Floats is living up to its name,
staying afloat despite missing the cut for a series order from the
network this week. ABC has ordered six additional scripts from the
project, from Warner Bros. TV and writer Rand Ravich. Edgar Floats
stars Tom Cavanagh as a police psychologist who becomes a bounty
hunter. Both Ravich’s script and the pilot directed by Jace Alexander
received good marks but some suggested Edgar might be too quirky and
character driven for broadcast and feels more like a cable series.
There were even some rumblings that the pilot could be taken to USA
Network if ABC passes. That, of course, is out of the question for now
because ABC appears to be still very interested in the show.
This is another guy for which the industry always finds a job.
Yeah, and I really don't understand why. With O'Loughlin, I almost get 
it; but with Cavanagh, I *really don't get it*.
Wasn't Ed the only hit show he's been on? I really liked Love Monkey but no 
one else did. If it had been on any other net except CBS, it might have had 
a chance. The TBS advertising show was so so and he didn't have to carry 
And this one sounds like a serious drama.  I can understand trying to 
find quirky comedies for him, but I don't see him as a dramatic lead.
Any show whose plotline ends with "...who becomes a bounty hunter"
automatically sounds like a comedy to me.