ABC Family's "10 Things" returning March 29th

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Burbank, CA (January 12, 2010) ABC Family's original comedy series "10
Things I Hate About You" will return with ten all-new half-hour

critically acclaimed series, recently named by New York Times as one
of the "Top 10 Television Shows of 2009," bowed this summer as the
network's highest rated comedy in its history. The series is
executive-produced by Carter Covington and Robin Schiff, and stars
Larry Miller, Lindsey Shaw, Meaghan Martin, Ethan Peck, Nicholas Braun
and Dana Davis. 

The half-hour series centers on the Stratford sisters, Kat (Shaw) and
Bianca (Martin), as they both approach high school with very
contradictory goals. Kat is a strong-willed, in-your-face feminist who
is looking to save the world and get out of high school as fast as she
can. Bianca is a social butterfly whose only concern is that she be
popular, at any cost. As they both attend Padua High, the girls try to
find what they want while navigating the popular crowd, boys and their
over-protective Dad (Miller). 

Part of the Disney/ABC Television Group, ABC Family is distributed in
over 98 million homes. ABC Family features programming reflecting
today's families, entertaining and connecting with adults through
relevant stories about today's relationships, all told with diversity,
dysfunction, passion, humor and heart. ABC Family's programming is a
mix of network defining original series and original movies, quality
acquired series and blockbuster theatricals. ABC Family is also the
destination for annual Holiday events with "13 Nights of Halloween"
and "25 Days of Christmas!" ABC Family. A New Kind of Family.
YaY!!!  :)

Wait - WHAT?! *Mondays*?!! Are they friggin' *serious*?!!!
Great - this will make an already crowded night even worse...  :(

Ian  (I hope they 'double-run' this show some time later in the week,
hopefully late at night for DVR'ing convenience...)
I don't care about that, but I am annoyed by Discovery moving
Mythbusters to Monday.

They double ran it last summer, so I would expect them to follow the
same strategy this time around.

And yeah, it's a pretty good show, even better than the movie.
Is there an Internet abbreviation "YHGTBK" for "You Have Got to
Be Kidding"? If not, there should be. :-)

Do the other "10 Things" fans here agree with Zane on that?

No - I like the series, but the movie is much better, if for no other
reason that it has a clear, self-contained arc, and the characters
were all more likable.

The series may get to that point, but it's not there yet IMHO.
The TV show has the same story arcs as the movie.  Since it's a
series, the story arcs are drawn out somewhat differently.  But
they're working out well.

The older sister in the TV show is more likeable, and the younger
sister is less likeable.  Nothing wrong with that.  The younger sister
has a neat little evil streak coming out in unexpected ways.

As mentioned, the TV show's characters are edgier and more
I can certainly see how the series would have more room to flesh
out the characters over time, but c'mon, nobody could be as adorable 
in the role of Patrick as was Heath Ledger. :-)