ABC changes midseason Monday plans

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ABC Fiddles with Post-'MNF' Lineup

ABC has shaken up its midseason Monday lineup somewhat, keeping "Wife
Swap" on the air after "Monday Night Football" ends and moving "The
Bachelor" to later in the night.

Which brings up the following question: What about "What About Brian"?

The answer, ABC says, is that it's holding "Brian," a drama about a
30ish guy (Barry Watson) who's the last remaining single person among
his friends, in reserve for the time being. The show has started
filming, and the network says it's still on the map for 2006.

"What About Brian," which also stars Rosanna Arquette and Matthew
Davis ("Legally Blonde"), was originally set to air at 10 p.m. ET
Mondays beginning Jan. 9. That spot will now be taken by "The
Bachelor," which moves from 8 to 10 p.m. "Wife Swap," which has done
reasonably well as "Monday Night Football's" companion this fall, will
keep its 8 p.m. spot.

The two unscripted shows will bracket a pair of comedies: "Emily's
Reasons Why Not," which stars Heather Graham as a self-help author who
rarely heeds her own romantic advice, and the second season of "Jake
in Progress," starring John Stamos.

ABC hasn't settled on a home for "What About Brian." There's a chance
that it could wind up in the 10 p.m. Monday spot anyway, as "The
Bachelor" is slated to run for only eight weeks. The network will also
have to fill the 9 p.m. Thursday hour following the cancellation of
"Night Stalker."

ABC also has two more dramas -- "The Evidence" and "In Justice" -- and
comedies "Crumbs" and "Sons and Daughters" on its midseason roster,
plus returning sitcom "Less Than Perfect."

Very interesting.  I totally thought that "Less than Perfect" was
cancelled.  (Hmm, I thought I've even seen some of the actors on other

It's not a great show, but is consistently amusing. (i.e. it's not
hilarious, it's amusing.)  Though I am giving it too much credit to
compare with Newsradio, I realized that both are greater than the sum
of their parts.  A lot of funny character actors (obviously one in
both) together, making a better show than each trying to carry a show
on their own.
From the way the last episode wrapped up the "Less Than Perfect"
wedding plotline in a hurry, it appeared to me that they believed
cancellation was certain. There's no reason that you shouldn't have
seen the LTP actors on other shows; plenty of actors play secondary
parts on more than one series, or do guest bits..

I enjoy "Less Than Perfect" as well, am looking forward to seeing it