AMC's "Walking Dead" launching quarterly magazine

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'Walking Dead' Magazine Set to Debut
by Lesley Goldberg

The Walking Dead is coming soon -- to your mailbox.

Titan Magazines and Skybound (the publisher behind the long-running
comic book series) are teaming to launch The Walking Dead, The
Official Magazine, the companies announced Thursday.

The quarterly title will launch Oct. 23 -- timed to the October
premiere of the AMC zombie drama's third season -- and feature a look
inside the comic series created by Robert Kirkman as well as the AMC
drama starring Andrew Lincoln.

The title will also go inside the writers' room and feature interviews
with executive producers like Glen Mazzara and stars including Lincoln
(who graces the cover of the first issue), Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori)
as well as Jon Bernthal, whose fan-favorite character Shane was killed
in Season 2.

The first issue will feature 100 pages and include an alternate cover
featuring a colored zombie scene by The Walking Dead artist Charlie
Adlard and only be available through comic book stores.

"This magazine will be your one stop destination for all the news
pertaining to the comic, TV show, video game, toys, games and whatever
else exists in the ever-expanding Walking Dead universe," Kirkman said
in a statement announcing the news. "If it's happening, you'll find
out all about it right here!"

The Walking Dead magazine will also be available Nov. 8 in the U.K.,
and Dec. 18 in Australia and New Zealand.

The magazine comes as Walking Dead is set to storm San Diego Comic-Con
with an interactive event celebrating the 100th issue of the Skybound
title and as the AMC drama prepares to launch its biggest season to
date with 16 episodes.
Once Upon A Time,
Damn!  Just comic book stores, eh?  If *only* there were some way to get
copies online!  I hate comic book stores, they're full of fat, bald,
unwashed middle-aged guys.

But only if you shop at comic book stores!

Captain Infinity
Online is full of fat, bald, unwashed middle-aged guys, too.  It's
just that you can more easily ignore them!