A laid-off apparel designer

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A laid-off apparel designer

"A laid-off apparel designer allegedly gunned down a former co-worker 
outside the Empire State Building on Friday morning..."


West 33rd Street

"Mr. Johnson blamed Mr. Ercolino for the loss of his job, accusing him
of not 
doing enough to sell the T-shirts and women's accessories that Mr.
Johnson designed."

Oh, it's just the 'fashion industry'...
a day shouldn't go by without shooting 'those people' in
the fashion industry.

I got a video tape of that tv mini-series show "Seventh Ave", is it on

I love gangster movies, especially when the gangsters kill fashion
industry people..

The Starmaker

I used to work near 33rd st...there were always dead bodies at the
of the fashin industry...i think i stepped over one going to work. He
was probably a cutter..
Well, there is "Save The Tiger"...with Jack Lemmon
it's got gangsters...and fashion industry people