A stunning grand dame Jew of the Silver Screen -- Lauren Bacall... 'Memba Her??

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Lauren Bacall: 'Memba Her?!

As one of the last surviving stars of Hollywood's Golden Age, Lauren
Bacall has been in the public eye since she sizzled onto the silver
screen at age 19 and taught Humphrey Bogart to whistle in the 1944
classic, "To Have and Have Not." Guess what the former Betty Joan
Perske looks like now!

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Woman of the Year

The 83-year-old widow of Humphrey Bogart and Jason Robards resurfaced
at a Broadway opening on Thursday, looking ravishing.

Although Lauren has never won an Oscar, she was nominated for her work
in the 1996 film, "The Mirror Has Two Faces." Lauren was expected to
win, but in an upset, the award went to Juliette Binoche for "The
English Patient."

Lauren is a spokesperson for the Tuesday Morning discount chain.

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* "I *vant* to be alone then (yes, I realise another famous Silver
Screen actress said it):

* 50 more years to go for Juno's Ellen Page now:

Ah.  Final consolations.  She's become as ugly as the rest of us.  Well, 
smirk if you want.  One day you'll live that long to be even uglier.

If you're lucky.
Why does everyone think living a long time is always a good thing?
There's so many variables in living a long good life, besides just the
You could live to be 100...in Prison.
That's a good point.  I guess if your life is easier than, say, PRISON, 
it might be worth sticking around for.  I just detest these people 
leering over a bad photo of some movie star, when the same fate awaits 
Like Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole.
EVERYBODY wants to be a STAR!
What's your point then, if it's not to make fun of these people by 
showing bad pictures of them?

And I think you're quite fond of doing it.

He's an idiot not smart enough to know he's an idiot.  Look at his 
subject line and you know what he's all about.
You're an idiot. I called her a grand dame of the silver screen.
That's a compliment. I paid tribute to her Jewish history and I called
her stunning. You just got tunnelvision.
[email protected] (Taylor) 
I called her a grand dame of the silver screen.
I can only shake my head in disbelief. Time to Google "don't shoot the
messenger" (no quotations).  If you got a problem, you take it up w/
big Harv (Harvey Levin, headcheese at TMZ.com and 'TMZ On TV'). As for
me being fond of doing this... I am. I remind the world of stars
people may have forgotten and who may not visit TMZ.com. There ya have
it, skippy.
Well, Dippy. You clearly missed my point about your attitude, you 
leering nincompoop.
My attitude was perefectly tame and acceptable. If you feel different,
than you're entitled to give your opinion, but the purpose of the
point was to remind people "Hey, what ever happened to...". And who
leers? We all leer. If it's not gossip about Britney in
alt.showbiz.gossip, then it's making an observation or suggestion
about a train wreck of a night a network might have had when the next-
day ratings come in and are disected.