Actors that casting directors love

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I recently started a discussion (see
on actors who've been leads in two successful sitcoms within a few
years' time.

Here's a different discussion: What about those actors that repeatedly
get hired for shows?[1]

One example that comes to mind is Christopher Gorham:

_Popular_ (1999-2001)
_Odyssey 5_ (2002-2003)
_Jake 2.0_ (2003-2004)
_Medical Investigation_ (2004-2005)
_Out of Practice_ (2005-2006)
_Ugly Betty_ (2006-present as recurring; regular as of fall 2007)

That's a remarkably-varied track record; one teen comedy, two
science-fiction shows, one sitcom, one doctor show, one one-hour
drama/comedy. I liked _Jake_ and _Practice_ and was sorry to see those
shows die early. I haven't gotten into _Betty_ yet, but it seems like
he's finally landed a long-term success.

That said, I can't figure out what about Gorham gets him repeatedly
hired. There can't be a shortage of dark-haired male actors who can
play any age from college student to 30-something, is there? The
classic example of an actor who repeatedly got hired is Robert Urich,
of course, but Urich typically played roles that I can understand
would be somewhat tougher to fill than what Gorham's specialized in so

Who else fits the bill? Not many. For example, David Spade doesn't yet
qualify, in my mind. Since leaving _Saturday Night Live_ he's had just
three shows:

_Just Shoot Me_ (1997-2003)
_8 Simple Rules . . ._ (2004-2005)
_Rules of Engagement_ (2007-present)

[1] By shows I mean "shows that make it onto the air," not "pilots." I
know some actors are reputedly guaranteed to doom whatever pilot they
are cast for from ever being picked up, but that's not what I'm
talking about here.
Please don't forget Betty White.