Adieu "The Event" and "No Ordinary Family"

TV Arts

Neither of these shows looked wildly promising to me, but I was
willing to invest the time of a couple more episodes to see if they were
going to take off.  What I wasn't willing to do was play that curious
game loved by the schedulers that I call "Find the Show".  In this game
you have to check the lineup very closely every night to see if the show
is being aired and, if so, when.  Sorry.  I've got other things to do.

     So, instead of nursing along borderline shows, giving them lots of
TLC, hoping that they take off, once again the networks do whatever they
can to sabotage them.  What a very strange business.

You don't have to play "Find the show." Go to the futon critic website 
and customize the daily listings to your favorite shows and bookmark 
that page. I click on it and tonight's listings are there. You can check 
nightly listings for weeks, even months ahead of time. It also tells you 
everything you need to know about every show. When they're on, their 
status, when they're coming back...etc etc.

It's a tv guide on steroids.

Useful information.  Thanks.  It won't help for "The Event" and "No
Ordinary Family" because I'm not interested in expending even that much
effort on them.  I'll be sure to use it for shows I really care about
when their networks start playing "Find the Show".

I can't see what you're saying about "No Ordinary Family." It took a
very typical holiday break like every other show.
I won't be surprised if the networks decide to sue sites like that for 
making it easy for people to keep up with shows they're purposely trying 
to kill and thwarting their business model or something insane like that.