Alec Baldwin plans to retire after '30 Rock' and live a 'silly fantasy'

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The man who shouted that his daughter was a "pig" says:


Alec Baldwin plans to retire after '30 Rock' and live a 'silly

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In a Playboy interview hitting stands Friday, Alec Baldwin talks all
about "that voicemail", how it leaking almost drove him to suicide,
and how he'll never return to the Today show because Matt Lauer did an
interview with TMZ's Harvey Levin before phoning him. Juicy stuff,
even if it's two years old, but what I find most interesting is
Baldwin talking about the future. He plans on retiring after 30 Rock
-- "I'm done in 2012. In March 2012, I'll wake up and say, 'What am I
going to do now? Am I done?' I think I will be done. I may finish a
play or something, but I'm retiring at the wrap party" -- and dreams
of having a tabloid-free personal life.

"I have this silly fantasy," he says. "I get married again, I have a
kid. I'd love another shot at that, with everything I've learned. My
kid's like eight, comes home and says, 'Dad, Jimmy's mom says you were
a famous actor on TV and in the movies. Is that true?' And I go, 'Yes,
Johnny, Dad was famous.' I whip out my scrapbooks and my DVDs and say,
'Believe it or not, that's your dad.' And my kid's like, 'You used to
be on TV and everything? And now you stay home and just clean the
house all day while Mom works?' 'That's right, son.' It's a dream,
that the kid doesn't know anything about that part of my life. Our
normal life is uncontaminated by it."

If he's serious about that, I definitely think he could make it
happen. Step 1: Stop talking about "that voicemail." We'd almost
forgotten about it. Step 2: If Demi Moore still has her property in
Idaho, buy it from her. Step 3: Move in. Step 4: Do not run for public
office (an idea he's toying with), just be the president of the PTA at
your fictional son's school. That's pretty much it. I don't see
paparazzi caring enough about a Baldwin brother -- even the Oscar-
nominated, Emmy-winning one -- to stake out bake sales.* Being an
older actor, with a large amount of good will from what would be six
seasons of 30 Rock, can have its advantages in this tabloid culture,

*Or frankly, even to follow you around New York City once you're off
30 Rock, provided you don't do or say something stupid in public.
"Another shot" at having a kid.  What a f----- moron this guy is.
...said the anonymouse.  Obviously, we have to assume you are far more 
accomplished in life than Baldwin.  LOL.
Tell "us" more, trotsky.

Obviously, we have to assume you are far more