Aliens In America (CW): Should have done it like Brooklyn Bridge; will end up li

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A comedy about a Muslim from Pakistan on a student-exchange program
living in Wisconsin w/ a Chris|tian family? They'll blow it and make
it nothing more than an in-your-face, low-brow sterotypical "comedy".
Like the instantly repulsive 'The War At Home' (Fox). If they wanted
to do this show (((right))), maybe it make it a drama (or dramedy like
'Ugly Betty') like CBS's failed 1991 (rare) half hour drama 'Brooklyn
Bridge' starring Marion Ross.

Brooklyn Bridge (TV; 1991)


Oh, shit. I forgot. I CAN'T BELIEVE I'm about to say this, but maybe
'Aliens In America' could benefit if it were written and done in the
style of 'The Office' (NBC). Their "ethinic awareness day" at work
pulls punches on stereotypes, but with a different "feel" to it.

Of course, as usual, Canada on top of the game, has done this concept
first and done it right with their new sitcom 'Little Mosque On The