American Idol (23) marries beau (42) while LOSER Michael Rapaport views adult m

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"Idol" Takes a Walk Down the Aisle

Former "American Idol" contestant, Katharine McPhee, married her
longtime boyfriend in Los Angeles on Saturday. The 23-year-old
wannabeen singer/actress and Nick Cokas (who is 42, by the way) were
strictly platonic before Katharine auditioned for the hit reality

As Kat's star began to rise, so did the relationship. The two started
dating and Nick became a strong support for the Suga-Mama as she
struggled with the pressures of the show and her secret eating
disorder. McPhee told People that "Nick is the love of my life. This
is a once in a lifetime occasion and everything is just perfect."
Katharine was recently dumped by her record label.,,20175795,00.html


Michael Rapaporn

After dropping his son off a dental appointment, Michael Rapaport used
the alone time to peruse the latest copy of Smooth Girl magazine ...
the Latina Issue.

Next time, he might want to be a little more smooth himself.

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Couldn't happen to a more deserving asshole. :-) That'll show you for
doing 'The War At Home'.
Oops! Forgot the link to the picture.

While he kind of looks like a desperate bum in this picture, I have to
confess to doing the same while at my local variety store (convenience
store); only I go for Blueboy, Allboy, Freshmen, Bel Ami, etc.
(Playgirl's too lame).