An absolute must see

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If you will invest four minutes to watch this, you will know more about
islam "the religion of peace" than 90% of Americans.


Irish Mike

: the next generation of web-newsreaders :
Oh come on.  Fighting lies and propaganda with more lies and propaganda.

WHO is this source?  What is his agenda?  Do you always believe everything 
you see on Youtube?

Have you studied the scriptures yourself?  I'm neither defending OR 
condemning.  You can do the same type of thing to most religions.  I'm not a 
religious person.  I believe the vast majority of wars...conflicts...hate 
and bigotry...stem directly or indirectly from ALL religions in general. 
Most of the major religions have been passed down over hundreds and even 
thousands of years.  Much of the original thinking behind them came out of 
simpler...sometimes brutal times in human history.

All I know is this is one of the world's most prominent religions.  For 
better or worse it is still a growing religion.  It certainly has MANY 
divergent sects...that believe different things.  Just like Christianity and 
Judaism...probably others I know very little of.

As for the 90% of Americans?  18% of Americans believe that Obama is a 
Muslim.  The number has grown in spite of a clear debunking of that notion. 
People believe what they want to believe.  Despite any evidence to the 
contrary.  Just the idea that you are so easily convinced by trash like that 
little video, demonstrates that well.

Go back to your Youtube "research".  Dig a bit deeper.  If you take an open 
and dispassionate look at the stuff on there, you will see you can find 
support for just about ANY lunatic idea there.
Sorry to rock your little left wing world bucko, but every thing in that
video is absolutely true.  It is an "inconvenient truth" about islam that
the majority of Americans do not want to believe.  Islam is currently at
war with and all other major religions in various bloody conflicts in all
parts of the world.

If you still have doubts I suggest you read "Willful Blindness" Andrew
McCarthy, "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam" Robert Spencer, The
Grand Jihad, Andrew McCarthy, "Endless War" Lt. Col. Ralph Peters.

Irish Mike

Islam: Winning the hearts and minds of infidels one suicide bomber at a

: the next generation of web-newsreaders :