Any Way to Obtain Missed 3/15 Episode of "Invasion"?

TV Arts

You'll all feel my pain I'm sure. I have been obsessive and almost
perfect  about taping (VCR) episodes of my favorite TV shows if I'm out
or otherwise not  available to view them.

Even when I fall behind I'll watch taped episodes in order, sometimes
carrying over into the Summer to complete a season.

I was totally up-to-date in taping all episodes of Invasion (ABC
Wednesday after Lost) UNTIL the crucial episode of last Wednesday,
March 15th. I totally spaced and forgot to Tape it. It was called "The
Key" and now the show is off for a while.

Obviously best case scenario one of you TV folks has a video (VHS) of
the episode and will get it to me (costs of course will be gratefully
forwarded!!). Worst case: you all laugh at me for being so clueless.

Does ABC ever help out in such instances (I similarly screwed up in
taping the VERY final episode of Homicide: Life on the Streets and NBC
didn't even respond to my request for help).
Is there any other source for getting a missed episode of a network TV
show? File sharing sites?

Any suggestions for obtaining the March 15th    Invasion episode from
any source would be greatly appreciated. I'm an episode or two behind
(taped) so I do not need it immediately.

Was I correct? Do you feel my pain!!

Thanks for any assistance/guidance.
Learn to bittorrent. Its the only way you'll get it in a reasonable
timeframe. Broadband connection helps but as long as you don't mind
leaving the computer on downloading through the night and probably for
a couple days.. dialup works. Usually a 350 meg file for reference.