Anyone miss the old CNN-HN?

TV Arts

I wish they would go back to the old 24 hour news on CNN-HN (Headline
news) with anchors  24/7. I understand
the need for some talkshows but keep them on CNN. I do like the
daytime format with news mixed in with
viewer comments but that should continue into the night - all live.
Even if they keep the talk shows from 5-10 then
don't repeat after 10pm just do straight news. All HN now is from 5-10
is missing wives/kids, dead celebs and
drunken idiots ie the father who wrestled his 2 year old into a fire
pit and the drunk mother who killed her kids
and other driver on a freeway early in the morning. Enough already.

How about Nancy Grace covering the legalities of  the financial
industry and the various ponzi scheme trials.
Those affect everyone. Missing folks is strictly local stories.
I loved the all nighters with Rudi Bakhtiar.