Benedict Cumberbatch -- a skiffy double-dip? (possible casting SPOILER)

TV Arts

SPOILER SPACE for those who don't even like to hear about casting news...

By now, most of us know that Benedict Cumberbatch will be appearing in 
the next Star Trek movie installment as the Big Bad. And now I've read a 
rumor that he might be showing up as The Master during DOCTOR WHO's 50th 
anniversary season. If that happens, will he be the first to have 
appeared in both of these major franchises? Surely there have been 
others, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment. In any case, if it does 
happen, then Cumberbatch's popularity with the comic-con crowd will be 
guaranteed for life.
That news has indeed spread widely since yesterday, but I've been
checking Moffat and Gatiss' Twitter feeds and they've said nothing
about it. So I'm waiting until I hear it from them. I think it would
be great, if we can't have John Simm back.

Yeah, I heard about it before I read about it, and even Den of Geeks 
admitted that the original source is hardly 100% accurate when it comes 
to this sort of rumor. Still, it's fun to imagine what *might* end up