Bob Barker's microphone - "The Price is Right" ??

TV Arts


"Own a piece of TV history."

For $15,000+ ? No thanks
That's an easy auction to shut down.  It should be gone by morning.
Why would it be shut down (having no idea how eBay works)?

BTW, I loved this part!  "Hi, I entered a bid for the item and I put 
$140,000 and I meant to put $14,000. While I doubt $140,000 will still 

In what universe would $140K not win?  Oh, wait... :-)
I thought all eBay charity auctions had to be through "Mission Fish" in the past to 
guarantee that money was indeed going to a charity and not a scam of some sort,   I 
see that current rules allow going without Mission Fish providing they meet certrain 
criteria.  This one apparently is OK.
...looks like a variant of the long-stemmed adjustable mic Gene Rayburn 
claimed to have developed for "Match Game '73"...