Bob Barker final show...

TV Arts

June 15th! This is not counting any primetime specials that will be
done, they haven't announced any dates. It will tape about a week
before that and air 6/15/07. The Barker swang song is getting near.
From what I've heard, you play hell trying to get in line at CBS to
even get into a show right now. They have had hundreds turned away. I
guess they are talking like 4pm the day before and camp out all night
to even have a chance.

Thanks for the memories Bob!
June 15 is the night CBS airs the Daytime Emmys.

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Thanks for the unrelated, useless information.....what game show are
being pre empted in Cincinnati lately? Fuckin' sack of shit.
Biggest thing on CBS daytime in a hundred years happening the same day
CBS airs the daytime emmy awards, and you wanta say their not related
just to take a potshot at somebody.  Harv bein' Harv.  And you wonder
why people don't like you.
Nah, it's just the fact that Henke masturbates to his own posts(and
most are about game show pre emptions in Cincy, mostly) just like
Horan did. Nothing changes around here. Keith, look up some of those 2
fools in the archive before you jump to conclusions. Ass.
We didn't see Wheel of Fortune (with Chuck Woolery and later, Pat)
from 1978 to 1983.

  My ATGS posts were not all about pre-emptions. As Casey Stengel
said, "You can look it up."

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  "We sharpen skates free." - David Letterman