Bob Woodward on Larry King

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Apparently Bob Woodward has a great arrangement with the Washington
Post.  He is 'Assistant Managing Editor', but has no management duties.
 He gets a salary, staff support etc., but mainly he writes books about
the information he gets from 'sources' and the newspaper has to wait
until the book is published before they know what he knows.
There are people like him in every big organization/corporation.  Funny in
that it appears liberal press hates him although he is one of their own.
Funny in

See, here it is...the great neocon flag...first use the words "liberal
press" together and then call it "hate" when the press reports the
truth regardless of whether it is "one of their own" or not.
Thankfully, not all reporting is done via the -faux- news organization

Woodward has outgrown himself..

Someone told me that Liberals in this group would eat their young.  See
it applies to their old too ;)
LOLOLOL!  Ah, yes...The author of the continuing great
e-mail-chain-letter frothing rant, lecture, and order dispursing

You should believe all you are told and follow orders and everything
will be all right....

Have a fine evening, Frank!

wildrose :  )
What does the word "dispurse" mean? Or are you still working on your
very own definition of "neocon"? <G>
wildrose spelling is awful!  I seldom check it,'s always
fun to see who will correct it.  "Dispurse" can be is in
some dictionaries and is defined as "disburse"...which isn't the best
word to use for my meaning  in the sentence either. Disbursing seems to
be most correctly used to describe  the distribution of money, or other
assets.  But gee, even so, you seemed to have understand me just fine.
Now if we could just figure out why you consider the word "neocon" to
be an insult?  I thought it a perfectly good using "lefty"
to describe a liberal. <shrug>

"seem to have understand"  <G>

Oh, I'm just trying to separate the leftists who use "neocon" as a
shield for attacking Jews and Israel from those who apply it to
everyone who pisses them off to the few who know that it means former
liberals who came to conservatism later in life -- but mostly in terms
of an aggressive foreign and military policy, and don't really get too
worked up over the stuff that drives the cultural conservatives.
A true liberal would never have cozied up to Dubya and written "Plan of
Attack" Frank.  Time to update your outlook on life.

If we're going to talk liberal vs. conservative,

    Anyone who thinks Woodward has been a liberal at any time 
in the last 25 years would have to be slightly to the right of 
Genghis Khan.
Really.  At this moment I'm listening to Democrats criticize their own party 
on NPR.  Yesterday it was Republicans doing the same thing.  Yet when NPR 
reports the hard truth about the Bush administration they are labeled 
"liberal media".  Thankfully, we traditional conservatives view truth as a 
value, not a bias.  From what I heard yesterday, one hell of a lot of 
Republicans are returning to their traditional values.  Probably the most 
humorous remark I heard yesterday was made by a woman who twice voted for GW 
because she felt he embraced "family values".  She has come to realize, 
after watching what the Bush administration has done to our middle and lower 
economic classes, is that Bush's family values are limited to his own 
family.  Of course, if that were true he would have paid attention to his 
in article [email protected], Traditional

NPR is labeled 'liberal media' because that's what they are.  It's hardly a
new label for them.
Do you actually listen to them?  Geez, they run lots of interviews with 
conservatives and Republicans.  What's liberal about that?
I suppose you are right.  Smart people listen to NPR.
Shall we make a list of conservatives eaten by their own?
Woodward is a White House flack.