Breaking Bad Season Finalle "ABQ" (S2XE13) Spoilers!

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I don't know how Walt is going to put back the pieces of his life. We 
have nine months (UGH!!) to find out. Spoiler space.
Donald turned out to be an Air Traffic Controller!! I believed he 
wasn't a cop but I didn't think he was an ATC for a moment. And no, I 
don't think he deliberately crashed those two planes. He just zoned 
out. The red flashing proximity circles didn't register. It was a 
great fake out by the way all though the season intimating-or I 
inferring- that Walt's place got hit. They did right up to when Gus 
that-pillar of the community-found out that Walt was the brother in 
law of a DEA agent. I went to myself OH-OH, he's going to have Walt's 
place hit!  Never guessed that the bodies (parts?) and bear and what 
looked like Walt's glasses where from a mid air collision. 

I do think this is a maturing experience for Jesse-or is it? Maybe it 
is just a turning point. Will he see the light and stop selling 
drugs, or go further into darkness and bitterness. I think the latter 
because the show will end if the former if anything else. Jesse maybe 
come bitter with life. In anycase I felt for him. You know at 
sometime in some future season Jesse will find out that Walt let her 

Walt has fallen so low. He has lost his wife and I don't see a way of 
him getting her back. It is amazing how lies can unravel on a single 
phrase: "which one?". And Skylar doesn't want to know the truth. She 
is afraid of it. She probably wishes it was just an affair. I believe 
she does know Walt is doing something illegal to get the money. I 
wonder if this will affect HER illegal activities with her 
boss/friend. Will it cause her to rat him out to the IRS (or whoever 
handles embezzlement cases)?

I was wrong about the two of them disposing the body but Saul did 
send someone to clean up the crime scene. Mike-the clean up guy-faked 
me out in the preview. I thought it was Walt smacking Jesse around 
because that is what he did before. Another fake out was the "wanted" 
poster. Hank holding up the donation jar just so Walt's pic was 
covering a wanted poster behind it except the "Wanted" LOL!

Has anyone seen so many bald men in one show, let alone in one 
episode? I have to check again but there was at least five not 
including Walt: Mike the cleanup guy, One of the businessmen at 
Hank's office with Gus, Hank himself and at least three at the 
shooting gallery drug dive including one that Walt almost ran into. 
He looked quite lucid, maybe he was a drug dealer himself. If so, was 
the shot supposed to be a poetic way to state that Walt was looking 
into a mirror? There was a brief shot of Jesse's right hand around 
Walt's waist as he bawled in Walt's arms. Something looked strange 
about one of his fingers his index; it seemed to have been bent 
funny. Nothing was said of it so perhaps I misinterpreted. Maybe I am 
looking to closely for meaning in all the shots.   

Walt finally got his son to admire him for something which he was 
jealous of Uncle Hank of in the episode of his remission party. 
Ironically Walt couldn't enjoy any of it and it actually made him 
miserable. Flynn: "He's just.......decent". What a unknowing lie from 
a loving son that was and Walt knew it. 

Hank proved himself a great detective once again About why the blue 
stuff has appeared everywhere except New Mexico "...almost as if 
someone wised upped; stopped shiting where you eat". LOL!
Finally, I wonder if Walt's new goatee a symbol of his crossover to 
evil? Before he was a good man doing evil things out of misplace 
pride ("no charity!") Now with the loss of his family will he not 
care anymore?  

Oh, and Mike is one more person who knows who and what Walt is.
The finale was a bit disappointing to me because of that.  I tend to compare
this show with Dexter in how it makes you care for a guy doing such bad
things.  Dexter has story arcs each season though.  BB hasn't figured out
how to do that as yet.  Not that they really need to as far as the
storytelling goes.  It's top notch.  It would just make the long wait
between seasons easier.

Making Donald an air traffic controller was sheer genius.  I think the crash
was totally meant to show the long reaching repercussions to what Walt has
done.   All those people aboard the planes are a result of what Walt set in

 Walt was jealous.  The irony is he refused to accept "charity" from his
rich friends to pay his medical bills in the first place.  That's why he
started making meth.  Now he's forced to sit back and watch and not get any
credit for trying to watch out for his family.  It's his son and people's
charity that will appear to save them financially.  That had to be a huge
blow to his ego.
Fallout. Literally.