Breaking Bad--You don't threaten his family ("Sunset" spoilers)

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Walt admits to having made a series of very poor decisions. Threatening a 
law enforcement officer's family is right up there at the top. That's what 
Walt did last week, by proxy, against his DEA agent brother-in-law, Hank.

You can't go "just kidding" on that deal. Cops can't afford to NOT take such 
threats seriously. Was it just a ruse to lure Hank away or was it a threat 
to get him to back off the investigation of Heisenberg entirely? Hank has to 
assume the latter because that's the worse scenario. Someone knows his name, 
his wife, by name, and his cell number. Who knows what else they know? Hank 
knows he's dealing with an up and coming player in the drug field. Hank 
doesn't know his reach, only the quality of the "product" that Heisenberg is 
producing and has to assume the worst.

Which just makes it all the worse for Walt? Then again, Walt's been sowing 
to the wind for 2 seasons and been in denial about the whirlwind of backlash 
that he's only now truly beginning to be buffered by. Walt may be able to 
outrun a pair of cousins with a literal axe to grind with him but Walt can't 
outrun a cop's radio.
Walt sis what he did to save his bacon. It was unfortunate that it was
a dirty trick against Hank, and, on top of everything else bothering
Hank, is going to be pressing down on his mind. And now with "the
cousins" about to get swining on his ass, I'm really thinking that if
Hank SURVIVES, he is certainly headed for a massive breakdown. Beyond
that, who knows.

As far as Heisenberg goes, Walt is now, basically, perhaps not OUT of
the picture, but at the most, very deep in the background. All
Heisenberg is going to be doing is making the "blue" of a possibly
better quality than went before, considering the step up in
laboratories, but no actual "street" movement. And, I've got a "feelin'
o' forboding" about that underground lab, what with the idea of a
Enterprise "self destruct" button and all.

For Walt, basically the only loose ends are associates: Skyler, Jessie,
Jessie's henchmen, Saul and even Gus. I don't know how much longer this
series will go on, but I'm betting that SOME of those named people will
be unable to attend Walt's funeral, once the cancer does what cancer
does. Whether Walt is finally busted and disgraced, or just dies in a
hospital bed, Walt won't make it out alive.