CBS's Shatner pilot - "Bleep My Dad Says"?

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Oh Dad, Poor Dad: What Will CBS Name His Show?

CBS is testing a TV show inspired by a Twitter feed with a name that
is normally unprintable on this Web site. Let’s just call it
“Shocking, Obscene and Hilarious Statements My Dad Says.”

Decoder’s been wondering: should CBS decide to order a season of the
show, what would it be called?

Now we know, sort of. The working title, internally, is “Bleep My Dad
Says,” CBS confirmed Friday. A spokesman said that “Bleep” is “not the
official moniker at this point.”

Warner Bros. is producing the pilot of “Bleep My Dad Says” for CBS,
which stars William Shatner as the aforementioned father. The operator
of the Twitter feed, Justin Halpern, “co-penned the script” for the
pilot episode, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 29-year-old Mr. Halpern says he writes down some of the more
notable statements made by his 74-year-old father. The Twitter feed
counts 1.25 million followers.

The test episode starts shooting this weekend. CBS will decide whether
to order the “Bleep” series by the time it announces its new season
schedule in May.

Decoder’s not in the business of marketing TV shows, thankfully, but
“Bleep My Dad Says” sounds like the kind of show that would sell
itself pretty effectively.
The solution is so obvious: "Crap My Dad Says."