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‘Extant’ Supporting Cast Gets Revamp For Season 2, Halle Berry & 2
Others Stay On
by Nellie Andreeva 

EXCLUSIVE: CBS summer sci-fi drama series Extant is shaking up its
gummerpiercesupporting cast heading into Season 2. Returning, of
course, is star Halle Berry. She plays the lead, ISEA astronaut Molly,
who mysteriously became pregnant while on mission in space. Also
picked up are her co-stars Pierce Gagnon, who plays Molly’s android
son, and Grace Gummer, who plays an assistant on the Humanichs
Project. The intent is for two other Season 1 series regulars, Goran
Visnjic, who plays Berry’s robotics engineer husband, and Camryn
Manheim, who plays her friend and co-worker, to return for a couple of
episodes at the start of Season 2. Hiroyuki Sanada and Michael O’Neill
are not coming back.

Extent is not cutting back as a couple of new series regulars will be
added for Season 2. The cast changeover stems from the series’ new
main storyline for Season 2, which will focus on Molly’s efforts to
track down her alien son who is threatening the human race.

Such casting revamps are not unusual for dense serialized dramas who
shake things creatively season-to-season. HBO’s The Leftovers is going
through a similar process going into Season 2.

In its freshman season, The Extant averaged 8.64 million viewers and a
1.7 in adults 18-49. It was not a big live performer but did solid
business in DVR and online viewing as well as internationally as it
boasts Oscar winner Berry as its star.
ack, they're making more of those?
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I liked the show.
Pleased to see it not canceled.
Well, since it's you ... :)
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Sort of like "Under the Dumb," I suppose.

Yeah, a woman returns from a year alone in space and she's
pregnant. Folks in charge say, - Yeah, that's curious, well enjoy
being at large among the population of our planet.

Cue the H. L. Mencken quote about how to not go broke.

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