CBS Fall shows and "Extant" trailers

TV Arts

"Extant" - A bunch of disparate sci-fi elements but can't fault it for
trying *too* much. Definitely must-sample, especially for Summer

"Madam Secretary" - Probably good for what it is but I'm uninterested.
Couldn't finish the trailer

"The McCarthys" - Not toally unfunny but whatever goodwill it may have
is drowned out by the accents and gay-guy-puzzled-by-sports cliche.
How did Lenny Clarke not get cast in this?

"NCIS: NO" - NO. Ah ha ha ha ha

"Stalker" - This is a show? This is not a show. But kudos for spicing
up stalking with a crash and 'splosion and slasher movie masks I guess

"Scorpion" - Well at least they aren't tracking murderers. And the
cast of characters looks more interesting than the usual procedural.
I'd be willing to sample it if there weren't enough other things to
watch. But good try for a CBS drama
The Secretary of State...literally a shit shoveler.  %+ minute trailer 
is easy to not sit through, especially when it freezes up half way 
through.  Hey, I at least got to see the part where she went behind the 
President's back and started running the covert operations they way she 
wanted...because of course that is how the 'good people' operate rather 
than the megalomaniacs.
No you didn't.  She actually tells the President what she's doing and 
gets his go-ahead.  However by doing so she has gone over the Chief of 
Staff's head and has made him an enemy.
Going to the President *after* the fact and telling him that you already 
put things in motion though you own back channels does not count as 
getting his permission.
He could have stopped her before she really did anything.  She hadn't 
talked to the Russian yet.