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CBS Launches Innertube 
By Rebecca Stropoli 

As expected, CBS Corp. Thursday unveiled their new broadband channel,
called Innertube. The new, ad-supported channel will offer an array of
programming for Internet users. 

Innertube, debuting today, will launch with programming created
specifically for the Internet, including comedy shows, entertainment
newsmagazines, reality, musical-performance shows and animated

Over the next several months, Innertube will also stream encore
episodes from CBS' prime time lineup. The network also says the
channel could become a home for TV shows that don't find a broad
audience on television but have a "loyal, passionate audience that
lends itself to Internet appeal."

"With this broadband channel, we've essentially bypassed cable and
created a general entertainment outlet utilizing existing creative and
content resources," said CBS Corp. President Leslie Moonves in a

CBS has scheduled a conference call to discuss Innertube at 2 p.m. ET
I was just watching a show on this today. There's only a few things up at 
the moment, but it looks promising. The quality is decent, and it's nice to 
see the professional production quality of the internet videos. This could