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Dear God, what did they do to it?  I thought the point was to get the
latest news every half hour with no features.  I don't know what's
going on.
You were accidently switched to Xuxa repeats Galavision.

Why didn't children's show hosts look like this when I was a kid?

We got this:

Friggen Romper Room. What a friggen rip off. Friggen kids in friggen
Brazil get dance lines blonde chicks in tiny shorts.

I got to decide if I was a "Do bee or don't bee"

Ah, if only.....

Yes, she is quite the lovely woman.
It was, but then they decided that from 7p to 2a they'd be better off 
showing a legal affairs show three times, a showbiz show twice, and one hour 
of live news (which is later repeated itself). Ratings have gone up, but the 
value of the network has gone down. Live news probably doesn't pick up again 
until 6a or so, but it's possible they do have a skeleton crew up earlier 
than that, I've never checked.