CSI: LV "Redrum"

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I can hardly believe how Catherine and Brass allowed herself and the
entire CSI lab to be corrupted by that scum Keppler with his "reverse

What the hell were they thinking?  That they wouldn't get caught or
found out?!?!  
Jeez, how dumb can you get???.

They have just completely RUINED the integrity of Gissom's Crime Lab.

There is and will forever be a black cloud of corruption hanging over
not only the CSI crime lab, but the entire LV police dept.

Every case CSI has ever worked on will now be suspect of having been
obtained with 'planted evidence'.

And by 9am tomorrow, a mile long line of criminal lawyers from every
case CSI has ever worked on, will be filing papers to have their
clients' case reviewed or sentences overturned.

Griss is goin' be PISSED!!!
That was their hope, although obviously Catherine disagreed with
the others about its feasibility. (I don't think Brass expected
the ploy to work, either.)

Not necessarily. Remember, this was a fake crime. They made it very
clear that they would not be planting evidence at a real crime scene.
Now, will future defense lawyers, jurors, etc. be willing to make that
distinction? I don't know.

I suspect public perception would overwhelmingly condemn the entire
lab and possibly the police department.
Richard Evans ([email protected]) writes:

But of course, public perception doesn't count here.

It depends on how the writers want the story to go.

We have seen instances of integrity on the various CSIs in the past.
And integrity in those cases has been important.  This time, integrity
doesn't seem the issue, trust within the Las Vegas Crime Lab seems
to be the issue.

I found the episode hard to watch, and while I can't quite figure out
what it was, it wasn't the issue of the mock crime scene.  

It seemed absurd to me that Catherine and Keppler would trust some
random detective to play the "victim," but not trust the key people on
their own team. Also, Keppler's insistence that a third person
(Warwick) had to be involved in the investigation because (to
paraphrase) "it won't look convincing unless somebody outside the
conspiracy is there" was a complete non sequiter, since their plan
depended on nobody knowing there WAS a conspiracy, much less who was in
it. He and Katherine could have done the investigation, and everything
would have gone much more smoothly.

This was a very bad, disappointing episode. Bring back Grissom!
Exactly.  I could (kind of) accept keeping the fake crime a secret
from everyone in the lab, but then they brought in a stranger?  What
in heaven's name were the writers thinking??  Somewhere or other, I
read that Liev had input into his character and his arc.  I hope this
wasn't his idea, 'cause it was a really bad one.  

I'm okay with Liev in the role.  A bit bland, though.  I agree with
other posters about this perhaps being a set-up for Gris' return.  At
the end, the reactions to being told about the fake crime were very
much in keeping with their characters.  They could do an entire season
just dealing with the fallout from this mess.  It's unusual - to say
the least - for me to think an episode with a huge plot problem could
actually lead to interesting developments down the line, but this
generally crappy episode might be one.
Would have been easier  to issue a press release to the media saying they had
the culprit in custody
MarkCreotta ([email protected]) writes:

And of course, they usually get the suspects so rapidly, it's amusing
that they suddenly have a problem.

I always get fooled by how fast they find a suspect and get them into
custody.  We see the tedious lab work, and that implies days have gone
by, but then wham, they have a suspect and they are still wearing the clothes
they had on during the crime.  Or if they've washed the clothes, it hasn't
had enough repeated washings to actually get rid of the evidence.

And if that wasn't enough, they have to set up this whole scenario because
the guy they want isn't at the bar.  I don't recall them looking very
much further.  Or for that matter, waiting until he just does something
like go through a red light that will get him caught.

Keppler reminds me too much of Sinise on CSI:NY...and he's a bore. No 
worries, Grissom will be back in a couple weeks or three. I do enjoy the 
reminders of the box on his desk and the cryptic packages to Sara.


cloud dreamer ([email protected]) writes:
I hadn't really noticed a resemblance to the NY character.

But what I do notice is that they seem to run similar threads
in the various cities.  So poor Greg in Las Vegas is facing a lawsuit
(I can't remember if that was finished) because of his "attack"
on the criminal, while one of the characters in Miami is paying off
a lawsuit brought about by someone who was hitting his girlfriend (but
it turned out to be more like a scam).

Nothing else comes to mind, but other times I have noticed "oh, they
did something similar in XXX".

ON some level, it's sometimes hard to keep the secondary characters apart.
New York and Las Vegas both have dark haired women who seem alike in
attitude as secondary CSIs.  The Miami CSI who moved up from patrolman
looks somewhat like Greg (and of course, both roles had them upgrading
after the show started).

I stopped watching the other two CSIs this year, so I don't see the 
similarity. Even when I was watching them, I just didn't feel interested 
in the stories.

Sinise is a great sedative and H is simply too much. Neither can hold a 
candle to the Great G-man.


I wonder if this episode is going to have an impact on future ones? It would 
be very interesting to have some episodes where Grissom is back and Kepler 
is still there. Also, will the DA go after people? Seems like there is a lot 
of potential for some great episodes based on the one from last night.