CSI Miami: Try not to yawn too hard at this plot..

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CSI: MiamiEpisode: Paint It Black (NEW)
The CSIs investigate the death of a college student whose body was
found in a hot tub.
I'm not so sure it was a hot tub.  Before the death, she willingly puts 
her head under the water, and from the one time I was in a hot tub, they 
actually get so hot that I wouldn't want to do that.

But actually, it was a decent episode, since who did it took some time to 
figure out, and the misdirection did big something different to the 

They repeatedly referred to it as a "spa" - looked like they were just 
in a swimming pool to me.

I'm on the 'try not to yawn' team.  Not even many howlers to break up 
the monotony.  Standard "why the Hell are CSI first responders chasing 
suspects" crap again.  I was unclear if Duo Damsel murdered her parents, 
or if the murder of her parents caused her to snap.

Best part was Delko's silly business card.
I can buy the spa thing because there were at least one more pool next
to it and while they were much larger than an hot tub they were also
somewhat smaller than a normal pool. And it was steaming showing that
it was heated. Not to the point like it would be if it was a hot tub
but enough for the water to visably evaporate, like a hot water bath.
Enough to dunk your head in comfortably.  
Both Delco and Wolf *are* detectives as well as CSIs so it made sense
for them to chase down Corinne's boyfriend.
Not really. It would make sense for the uniformed officers who called it 
and found the guy to chase him down.

It did?  I called the killer the first time we saw him.

 and the misdirection did big something different to the 

It doesn't make sense for CSI to be on scene at all at that point.  And 
Delco isn't a detective.  And why does it make sense for detectives to 
be doing the chasing?  Oh, right, it doesn't.

The fact that they were chasing this guy at all without knowing who he 
is was ludicrous.  LOOK!  SOMEONE SUSPICIOUS!!
Eric Delko is both a CSI Level 3 and a MDPD Detective His specialtise
are fingerprint, thread and drug identification and a diver. He did go
to the police academy so he would be a police *and* CSI for his eye
for detail that Horatio found impressive. IIRC.


"CSI: Miami's Adam Rodriguez Lands a Role in New Film
Tuesday, July 03, 2007 

Adam Rodriguez, who portrays CSI Level 3 Detective Eric Delko on CSI:
Miami, will be appearing in a film entitled Let the Game Begin. 


When the person they are about to question bolts it does..
You missed the radio call voice over "All units, all units! Suspect in
campus stabbing on foot heading northbound" As we saw shots of a
police chopper two patrol cars and a Horatio Mobile Hummer racing to
Dade U. Then in the very next shot you see Connie's boyfriend hauling
ass over a grassy knoll with Wolf hard charging behind him. Since Wolf
and Delko wasn't in uniform it is likely he bolted from them as soon
as they flashed their badges. And cops chase suspects when they run
from them wether or not they are in uniform don't they?
And when Ryan was looking through the victim's room, examining her 
sports trophies, then suddenly whips out his cell phone and calls the 
coroner at the scene, reminding him to check under the girl's 
fingernails for DNA.

First, what coroner needs to be reminded to do that? It's standard 

Second, why in the hell would examining sports trophies lead to a 
suspicion there might be DNA under her nails?

The whole thing was a huge non sequitur.
In the morgue perhaps but Wolf wanted to know "now" since he was
working a hunch at the moment for the reason below. 
The idea was that the trophies told him that she was a very good
athlete and so she was very physically fit and could've given her
attacker a run for his money in a fight. He just wanted to know now
and not wait for the lab results.

It was also a plot device so Lomen could discover the scaling on
Corinne's palms which was probably caused by eczema, a skin diease, or
a reaction to some kind of medication which he told Wolf about. Later
when Wolf and Walter was going over Corinne's e-mails Walter noticed
that there was an oily substance on the keyboard. That gave Wolf the
idea to spray the keyboard with a chemical because he had a hunch that
Thallium was the oily substance and that is what caused the scaling.
He sprayed the keyboard and then Walter shone the UV light which
confirmed the Thallium theory.
Well, how the hell is the guy going to do a DNA analysis poolside? 

Anyone who's not a paraplegic can fight back and scratch an attacker. 
Being an athlete has nothing to do with that.

In other words, it made no real sense but they had to put it in there so 
the team could artificially solve the crime.
"DNA" was just short hand for skin shards under her finger nails. If
it was a rape victim "DNA" would be an euphemism for sperm. 
It gave him the idea none the less. Perhaps he should've thought of it
earlier but the trophies is what triggered it. 
Sure it makes sense since it gave him the idea to check the fingers
which caused the ME to find the irritation on the hands which lead to
the Thallium theory development. You can make an argument he should've
have the idea before he looked at the trophies and (I think) came up
with the fighting athlete angle but it is by no means unreasonable.

All in all it is a minor even minute thing, not like last week when
Wolf used a "Star Trek" transporter. :-)
No, DNA is DNA. If he wanted to know about stuff under her nails, he 
would have asked that.

No, scientists don't use "euphemisms" when doing their jobs. If they're 
curious about semen, they'd ask about semen.

Which was my point. It was a non sequitur.

The point is, he didn't need to think of it. It's something every 
medical examiner checks for when conducting their exam.

If I was the doc, I'd be extremely annoyed that I had to drop what I was 
doing to take a call from some cop, only to find out he was reminding me 
how to do the basics of my job. It would be insulting.
So you'd tell him to go pound sand and hang up. Real MD's don't drop 
everything and go scrape nails on some CSI's hunch. In any pecking order 
which includes MD's, the MD's are always at the top.

Besides, CSI:MI is light years away from any semblance of reality as 
might be found in CSI.
That's the way the shows, maybe Miami especially, skews the reality.

We see them do something, then rush back to the lab, which then causes 
them to do something else, sometimes needing to return to the crime scene.

The show makes it seem like they are tracking the suspect, when in reality 
they are documenting the crime scene.  Part of that is to find clues to 
who did it, but it's also there for when the trial happens, so they can 
prove the suspect was actually the doer of the deed.

In reality, the detectives try to grab up as much witness and peripheral 
information as they can gather, then the crime lab documents the crime 
scene (including taking those photos so any evidence gathered can actually 
be placed at the crime scene) so it's there for when the trial is 
happening.  They can't know what might be important at that point, so
they have to treat everything like evidence.  There's bound to be a 
checklist since they are doing it blind, not knowing where the crime 
may go. Once it's collected, and it should be a one time thing though 
obviously some crime scenes take longer than others, then the crime scene 
is no longer such.  If they don't document it properly at one time, then 
who's to be sure that there isn't tampering later.

Some of the evidence won't mean a thing until a one suspect becomes 
stronger than the rest, at which point the evidence may reinforce
the words of a witness or some other evidence.

Then the evidence is handed to the detectives, who work the crime.  They 
may have some suspects (note suspects isn't the same thing as the actual 
criminal) that might cause the crime scene collection to pursue specific 
things, but maybe not.  They look over what's gathered, and maybe it leads 
to someone, maybe not.  They have to process all that information, and 
then maybe go elsewyhere to gather more.

That's another illusion of the show, of course.  That every crime 
supercedes everything else, that every crime gets solved immediately.  The 
lab doesn't have to drop things because some tasks take time, either 
because they take time or because there is a backlog that has been waiting 
already. The show needs to solve the crime in a single episode, the 
reality takes times.

It doesn't matter, since what we see on tv isn't reality.  How many times 
have they caught someone because they hadn't yet had time to change their 
clothes or wash their hands of "gunshot recidue"?  That's not likely to 
happen, not the way we see the crimes on tv worked.  So other things will 
have to work in.

  But of course gathering the crime scene details is important to 
do now, since otherwise it can be washed away from rain or tampered with. 
But  they dont' get that out of the way by rushing back to the lab to 
process one bit of specimen, and then back to the crime scene.

And of course, the lab people are processing the crime scene, while the 
detective may be looking over the victim's place (and there may be a point 
where the crime lab shows up there to process it).

As opposed to what, the tiny non sequiturs?  More tortured use of the 
Well, the previous coroner would.  :)

LOL, yeah.  His apparent thinking process was "she's an athelete, 
therefore she might have put up a struggle" unlike the other lazy girls 
on that campus who just lay back and take it like a champ (right after 
his declaration that one in three girls on that campus are on drugs).  I 
also liked him telling Walter that rather than search her bed we should 
dig through her computer files, as though this was an 'either or' 
I'd give it a good review, overall.  My initial reaction was based on
what appeared to be a bland plot-line.  Everytime I hear "hot tub" I
think:  1970's.
Now, the trendy thing for homes is that tiny indoor swimming pool
about the size of an oversized bathtub where a person "swims" against
a machine-generated current.