CSI: N.Y. - - hey, cut out the loud coitus music

TV Arts

Maybe that's what they like in N.Y., but every time they show the boring
detail of someone looking through a microscope or snipping a sample of
something for a DNA test, they turn up real loud some music that I think
they swiped from a porno film. Why can't someone get after the musical
director and the guy on the audio gain control and tell them what they're
doing wrong - - it's becoming painful to sit through an episode with the
mute button under thumb to get past the crappy music and enjoy the excellent
work of Gary Sinise and the rest of the group. Believe it or not, they don't
screw up this way on CSI - - the music is tasteful - - even great - -
appropriate to the mood of the moment. Even CSI: Miami keeps the volume
within bounds - - much more acceptable. Don't you Producers and Directors
check out what's going on with the show that hits the air? Unbelievable.
This is a problem that has reached epidemic proportions.  There is some kind 
of music riffing constantly under every program on television.  One of the 
worst offenders is Showbiz Tonight, on CNN Headline Prime, but it's 
pervasive throughout the industry.  Everyone I know hates this.  Join the