CW Viewership - week of 11/27/2006-12/03/2006

TV Arts

I'll likely do a season-to-date update when I get home, but here's the
numbers for last week, hot off the Nielsen presses.  The numbers are
viewers, in millions.

Everybody Hates Chris     3.28
All of Us                 3.03
Girlfriends               2.98
The Game                  2.83
Day Average               3.03

Gilmore Girls             4.89
Veronica Mars             3.44
Day Average               4.17

America's Next Top Model  5.73
One Tree Hill             4.15
Day Average               4.94

Smallville                3.17R
Supernatural              2.58R
Day Average               2.88

Friday Night Smackdown    4.72

Reba                      2.37R
Reba                      3.40
Seventh Heaven            4.23
America's Next Top Model  2.16R
Day Average               3.09

Week Average              3.75

I'm pretty sure that's the highest weekly viewership so far for the CW, and
no sucking chest wounds are showing on the schedule.  The only day under 3
million was Thursday, and it was close even with reruns.

The key will be whether they drop under 3 million for the week, and how
far, next week when it will be almost all reruns.
So, will this next week be the one where OTH passes GG in the ratings?

You would think that CW would have the least percentage dropoff of the 
networks since they have the smallest potential for viewers to have seen a 
show the first time it aired.  The over/under 3 may hinge of whether or not 
the Top Model 'specials' can sustain the network.
Dude, they *already* make as much from advertising as the WB made --
substantially more than UPN made from advertisiing, but with UPN's
suckier analog affiliate coverage.  The CW ain't goin' nowhere soon,
Obveeus, not when they've actually increased profitability of the same
amount of revenue (vs. the WB) by cutting down on the overhead of
duplicate departments.

  -- Rob