CW sets midseason schedule, moves "Hellcats" to Tuesday

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All-New Episodes Return Week of January 24 HELLCATS Roars to Tuesday
Nights at 9PM Beginning January 25

AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL Returns Wednesday, February 23, Followed by
the Series Premiere of SHEDDING FOR THE WEDDING

Special Season Finale of LIFE UNEXPECTED in Back-to-Back Episodes,
Tuesday, January 18

December 13, 2010 (Burbank, CA) - The CW Network announced today its
midseason schedule, with the majority of the network's primetime
schedule returning with original episodes the week of January 24,
including a new night for HELLCATS. The network also announced the
premiere of an all new cycle of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL and the
series premiere of SHEDDING FOR THE WEDDING.

The CW's primetime schedule returns from holiday break with an all-new
slate of original episodes the week of January 24, beginning Monday
night with original episodes of 90210 and GOSSIP GIRL.

Beginning Tuesday, January 25, HELLCATS cheers for a new night,
Tuesdays at 9 p.m., following ONE TREE HILL. A special season finale
of LIFE UNEXPECTED will air in back to back episodes on Tuesday,
January 18.

AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL returns to the catwalk on The CW Wednesday,
February 23 with an all-new Cycle 16, followed by the series premiere
of SHEDDING FOR THE WEDDING, hosted by Sara Rue, February 23 at 9 p.m.

Following is The CW's midseason plan for premieres and the return of
new episodes to the schedule (in chronological order):

Tuesday, January 18

Monday, January 24

Tuesday, January 25

Thursday, January 27

Friday, January 28

Wednesday, February 23

All Times ET
Good move for Hellcats.  Worse leadin, but it should be easier to face DwtS 
than American Idol.

This seems like an odd scheduling move.  Isn't 'Shedding for the wedding' 
only 6 episodes long?  I expected it to be filler before the next season of 
ANTM started.

How many more episodes of Life Unexpected are left to air?  Aren't these the 
only two epiodes left?
That will complete the series. The producers promised to tie up plot threads
as they weren't anticipating that a third season would be ordered.
What "lead-in"? "Hellcats" is going to be leading in to "One Tree
Hill", not the other way around.

Ian  (Of course, this once again weakens my Wednesdays - "Human
Target" strengthened it, but with "Hellcats" gone, I'm not sure I have
anything at 9pm now...  :(  [checking...] No, it's the other way
around - "Human Target" is moving to Wednesdays at 9pm in January,
which means I'll have nothing Wednesdays at 8pm, *again*!!  >:/  )
Not according to the quote above.  Hellcats at 9pm means that OTH will be 
the lead-in.

Survivor, Top Model, Modern Family, Cougar Town...all better than pretty 
much every show you watch.
Ah, it seems you're right - I misread that.
So it is time for you to start watching "Survivor" with the rest of
us! ;)
Just say 'No', Baby!

Ian  (But, seriously - Wednesday nights have been a problem all TV
season this year...  :/ )
I dunno.  I think AI is really vulnerable this year.
It won't be facing Dancing, it'll be facing V.  It'll be another 2
months before it faces Dancing, by which time Hellcats' season will be
just about over and heavily into repeats.

You think it'll even last 6 episodes?