Christopher Hitchens on Jon Stewart

TV Arts

Well, that was a few minutes of great political discussion between Jon 
Stewart and Christopher Hitchens.  They disagreed about some 
fundamental things, like Iraq, but they had a good back-and-forth 
conversation rather than talking past each other the way politicians 

Stewart challenged Hitchens.  Both made good points.  Sadly, they only 
had about 10 minutes, so there wasn't any kind of resolution.  

-Dan Damouth
Ironic that Stewart can actually engage news guests (as opposed to celebrity 
guests where he gets all nervous) in actual discussions more than the 
typical news talking heads or the crossfire-style debate "news" shows.
I would say that Stewart is the single best interviewer currently on TV.
Letterman must know that the minute he hangs upthe ole cue cards, 
Stewart will take his place and do a much better job. Letterman has 
gotten very lazy in the last couple of years.