Classless Fantasia Burrito (Barrino) Paints The Town Red In A Crotchless Dress P

TV Arts

Just check out that dress, yo!

story and picture:

picture only:
Sorry. I only posted this in the other groups (minus
because I didn't see it appear right away in Google Groups. Please
ignore. Thanks! :-) P.S. Savers/Value Village is a WONDERFUL place to
shop (and work!) and (((each))) store is assigned a charity and the
store pays the charity for (((every))) donation received, even if it's
not sell-able. Also, "stale tag"merchandise (clothing) is bailed and
sent to third-world countries for maximum use and recycling. Fantasia
could USE the the help of a Team Member (TM) to better select a look
that can maximize... uh, ~whatever~ she's got going for herself.