Clone Wars - how can anyone enjoy this crap?

TV Arts

(1) The characters are all two-dimensional.  There's virtually no
character development.  The characters might as well be robots, for all
the lack of personality they have.

(2) The plot is nonexistent. It's just a bunch of things blowing up.

(3) The Jedi powers are greatly exaggerated.  I mean really, Yoda snaps
his fingers and an attacking enemy ship magically turns around & flies
off?  Wow.  Mace Windu sliches into a vulture-droid's head, grabs the
wires, and magically rides the robot as if he's holding the reins of a
horse?!?!?  (In reality, the droid should just fall over,
incapacitated.)  Makes you wonder how average, non-powerful
Stormtroopers were successful in killing off all the Jedi.  The Jedi
are basically "gods" in this piece of trash series.  Totally

I can't believe all the 5-star reviews this received on amazon.

It deserves 0 stars.  1 star at best.