Condoleezza Rice - America's First Female President ? Somebody Call 911 !

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Condoleezza Rice ordered George Bush not to return to Washington after the  
9/11 attacks before hanging up the phone, the former national security  
advisor revealed in a documentary interview.

In a heated exchange, Ms Rice had to argue with the US President in  
Florida not to return to the White House because it was a potential  
terrorist target.

She told the Channel 4 documentary: "The President got on the phone and he  
said: 'I'm coming back'.

"I said: 'You cannot come back here. The United States of America is under  
attack, you have to go to safety. We don't know what is going on here'.

"He said: 'I'm coming back'. I said: 'You can't'.

"I said to him in a raised voice, and I had never raised my voice to the  
president before, I said: 'You cannot come back here'. I hung up.

"The president was quite annoyed with me to say the least.
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