Convicted Felon Lil Kim celebrates freedom in style by wearing slaughtered anim

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That Outfit's Reeeaall Cute, How Much It Cost?!

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Sportin' a high-priced trifecta of fur, leather and weave, rapper
turned convicted felon (and fucking fat pig) Lil' Kim was snapped at a
premiere in NYC on Monday. Put your lighters up!

(Fucking fat pig) Ms. Kimberly Denise Jones rocked a $2600 Gucci bag,
a pair of vintage (i.e from two years ago) Gucci boots and $5000 worth
of roadkill from her own upcoming Royalty fur line. PETA on line two!

Vanessa Hudgens wig, Sharpie stenciled brows, deflated lips and a
Stage 2 Jacko nose -- priceless!

throw red paint on her-worthy PETA enraging pic:
Huh??  Lil' Kim isn't fat in the least.  Hater be gone!
I guess you have no problem with the *fucking pig* part of the description?
I  suspect  she will  be back  in  the joint in another 6  months  or so.
Britney will beat her to it.
Make that Amy Winehouse.
I address facts -- opinions are like assholes.