Curiosity fired its laser...Mars Invasion?

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The Mars Curiosity rover has done one of the most anticipated actions of its two year-mission to the Red Planet:
 It fired its laser for the first time.

Why are we Invading Mars?

There might be elephants or parrots running around...
I doubt any SRIAN ever go there they just theorise about it, so do not
be all to hopeful about finding parrots there, elephants i would not
know about but a giant sandworm who knows?
This rover should have brought water so NASA could honestly say.
"There is water on Mars"  If they split some water on Mars surface it
would show why Mars had no water   TreBert
I suppose it would show hydrogen and oxygen.
there's the elephand and there's the parrot...
Nasa doesn't get it...
people are not interested in Water..
people are interested in elephants and parrots.

I'm going to predict tommorows headline:

                NASA Discovers Water On Mars!!!

associated press: 2012; Nasa has confirmed that liguid water does exist on Mars. Buckets full. 99.9 almost certaintly.

Two week later, nobody gives a fuck.

The Starmaker
What I don't understand....
if you do a close-up view
of the nearest rock..
you should be able even with a regular zoom camera
see a much much closer view of a simple close
to your nose...
but here
it doesn't let you get to close to the nearest rock.

They (NASA) don't want you to see it up close.

You might see something they don't want you to see...

Go ahead, look at the nearest rock to Curosity by hitting the plus sign + for zooming in..

it stops at a certain point. 

They don't want you to see it up close..

Could be a lttle guy behind that rock...little people.

Any camera on Earth with a zoom lens can get a closer look of a ....rock.

No, these guys a NASA *don't* want you to zoom a simple rock.

And you're paying for it.

The Starmaker
Well it could be a Martian news correspondent who is discussing
whether Eartlings are friendly or hostile when he is suddenly
vaporized by a laser beam.
The time is ripe for the conquest of Mars.  Ever since that pesky
rabbit stole their Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator they've
been helpless.

In article 

Wasn't that Daffy? "Duck Rodgers in the 21 1/2 century?"
Bugs in "Hare Way to the Stars".  Daffy probably did something

In a 180-degree twist from the Pal _WotW_.  "We come in Peeeeeace!"
You know what NASA is saying to you..."You Americans are all a bunch of SUCKERS!"

NASA doesn't want you to look at a 'simple rock' up close.

NASA is saying to all Americans, "That's it! That's all you going to get to see. You're not going
to see any close-up photos of any rocks..we don't want you to see it up-close...who do you
think you are? You see only what we want you to see. You don't like it, too bad. You can jump off a bridge."

I don't know why you guys put up with it...

The Starmaker

There's a rock right next to the wheel and they don't want you to look at it up close:
xxein:  Maybe you squash some little guys under your pillow when you
go to sleep.  Stop that.  Why don't you show us some close-up picture
of that?

Water?  You pee in your bed and don't care?