D-Listers Pia Zadora & Bernadette Peters still alive!: Zadora sued for ar rear-e

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Pia Zadora Resurfaces in Crackup

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Former star Pia Zadora was sued by producer Alfred Newman, no relation
to MAD Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman, for allegedly rear-ending his
Mercedes with her Hummer. Not so gentle, Butterfly!

According to the suit, Al claims that on June 29, 2006, he was on
Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills, stopped in traffic, when the 53-year-
old "Lonely Lady" failed to apply her brakes in time.

Basel G. Jamra, representing Mr. Newman, says he "is prepared to
vigorously pursue the case" against the one-time Golden Globe winner
and destroyer of legendary mansion Pickfair -- which she bought with
her former husband and razed. The home was built by silent screen
legends Mary Pickford and swashbuckling "Zorro" star, Douglas
Fairbanks. Newman is claiming personal injury and other damages.

Pia Zadora's people (yes, she still has some) had no comment.


wacky picture of Zardora:

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Perhaps you've heard on ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC... probably as well as
CNN, about Oscar, the nursing home cat who lives there and "predicts"
the death of patients within hours by curling up next to them. THAT'S
all over they news Thursday/Friday. Newspapers, too (Globe And Mail,
LA Times, etc.). Perhaps we should take a page from YOUR book and just
"know" a juicy bit of Hollywood gossip, instead of posting it here, or
ripping it from TMZ (or in Zadora's case, a dry, shriveled up prune).

You also spelled capable incorrectly. Have a nice day, Ma'am.
TMZ?  What is that?  Is Perez Hilton related to Paris Hilton?   What's
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I thik her teenage crush hits just a _little_ too close to home for
Chicago Laura's tastes (the sweet taste of D-list dream twat! hehe).