Dancing With the D-List Stars made all the more worse: Kate Gosselin joins show

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Wow, they managed to take Dancing With The D-List Stars and make it
all the more worse. Now it's like "F". And when I read this headline,
I thought: "OH, F!!!!!!!!!"


This is selfish self-indulgence at its worst. NOT that I think she has
what it takes to commit to 5-6 hours of actual WORK, *nor* do I think
she has the brains to learn to learn even the most basic of dance
steps. This has "EPIC FAIL!" written aaaaaaaaall over it.

Expect her to have an "injury" after the first couple days of warm-

"Her 'soul' is as black as tar.":
I've never wanted a "celeb" to have an injury...until now.  With her
on the show, I won't be watching this season.  I cannot stand that
And you actually watched other seasons of this show?
And the media is slamming her:

Have you no shame, Kate Gosselin? We've already been forced to watch
your family be torn apart during that awful, public divorce between
yourself and Jon. And now, even though Kate Plus Eight has been
cancelled, we're still going to have to deal with you on television,
with Dancing with the Stars. It's sad, really.

Kate Gosselin may call herself many things. Even if you look at her in
the most positive of lights, she is not a star. She's a mother who
appeared on a reality show. She's no more of a star than Matt and Amy
Roloff (of Little People, Big World) or even one of her eight
children, who will probably grow up with very little or no privacy due
to the actions of their parents.

A source for Gosselin told RadarOnline that Gosselin was taking the
spot on the show because she was trying to be a breadwinner for her
family. "Kate's the kind of woman who will do whatever is necessary
for her children," the source said. "It's great for her to be on the
show, but she did it ONLY in a way that benefits her family."