Dennis Hopper's deathbed divorce shocker -- 'final days surrounded by family and

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Dennis Hopper Divorce Shocker

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Dennis Hopper, who is reportedly facing his 'final days surrounded by
family and friends,' filed for divorce yesterday from his wife of 14
years, Victoria Hopper, the mother of their six-year-old daughter

Victoria is wife number five, but this marriage has far outlasted the
previous four, which included the 8-day marriage to Michelle Phillips.
He and Victoria have been together for 18 years. So what happened?

Adding to the confusion, a family friend told Huffington Post that
Hopper is mentally incapacitated from the enormous amounts of
medication he is on given his state.

A long time friend of the couple said, "It's truly a tragedy, and
sadly its all about the money and who inherits what. This is about
getting Victoria out of the will, nothing more, nothing less."

Hopper has three grown children, Marin, Henry and Ruthiana, although
he reportedly has not spoken with Ruthiana in recent years. Both
Marin, her daughter and Henry have lived for years in the same Venice,
California compound as Dennis, Victoria and Galen and continue to do
so at this juncture.

Hopper has been battling cancer for almost a decade, but has rapidly
deteriorated in recent months.

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He is weird...sounds like he's as crazy as ever....
I'm frankly surprised he has made it to 73 years of age, as hard as he
lived for so many years.
No joke.
Sounds like his kids want to cut Victoria out of the
will. Guess they don't think her 18 years spent with Dennis are worth

David H
In article 

His estate includes a major modern art collection.
I believe he's an artist himself, is he not?
I think he's pretty good at photography.
Some of those children have been around for a long time.

His eldest daughter will be 48 in June.

His second daughter turns 36 this year.

He has an 18 year old son.

And another daughter from the last marriage, turns 7 in March.

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And there was that story last week about her trying to steal his paintings 
when they talked about divorce before - claiming some of them were really 
hers (despite the fact hat he bought them before she was even born) and 
taking them out of the house and hiding them.
By the way, I interviewed him for "Hoosiers" - had a ball.