Did anyone watch/make it through Merlin?

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After about 15 minutes, just gave up completely on it. I was hoping
with Anthony Head as Uther, there was some promise, but it was just
too painful to watch.
It's a summer series for kids, a Harry Potter knockoff for TV.
and thus Neill Massello inscribed ... 

Yeah, I watched all of it. It's fine as a summer series. Lightweight acting, though the sets are nice.
Seemed technically good, missing some ... oomph or actual drama. 

The villainess seemed strong enough to actually be part of a longer arc than just 1.5 episodes.

By the way, villainess or just villain, since folks don't want to split actor/actress?
I wasn't paying that much attention. The girl she's impersonating is
actually dead, right? Did anyone recognize the aria from Klingon opera
that she sang?
But Harry Potter, with the exception of the first movie, is a good
series of stories.   This Merlin Part 1 was crapola.
Yep. I watched it all but I will admit to doing other stuff while the
show was on. It's okay. I was surprised to realize that was Anthony
Head in the show, and pleasantly surprised to see the actress that
plays Gwen on "Torchwood" in this show. I guess she has lots of free
time this season given only five episodes of "Torchwood" are being
He should be ashamed to be in it!
      If I had young kids, I don't think I'd let them watch it. It could 
rot young minds.
      Well, I've never been able to watch that show anyway; wrong 

I taped it because of the stupid golf that was still dragging on with no 
sign of ending by 7(Central), and just started watching it this 
afternoon.  The 15th-century (if that old) version of a castle, calling 
it "Camelot", which is supposed to be created by Arthur, and Uther, 
Merlin, and Arthur all there at the beginning were warning enough, but I 
thought I'd give it a chance and managed to hold out for the first hour.  
I never intend to watch the second or any other episode.  The only 
comparison to ANY--even the wildest previous variation--version of the 
Arthur mythos consists of the names of some of the characters in this 
nonsense.  It isn't even funny the way some terrible movies are, just 

You can tell I didn't like it.
Are there any versions of this in which Merlin and Arthur are supposed
to be the same age? Hell, Merlin looked younger.
Well, any of the 'Sword in the Stone' based ones where Merlin is aging 
backwards; at SOME point he and Wart must be the same age!
Ah, but he's pretty old when Arthur is young, Uther is long dead, 
Camelot is still years in the future, and T.H. White is a lot better 
writer than whatever hack is writing for that TV series.
Although in this version he's suppose to be aging normally. It even looks as 
if Arthur is a little older than Merlin.

It's best enjoyed if you completely forget the folklore. They're really 
doing a Medieval Smallville. Colin Morgan (Merlin) even looks a lot like a 
young Tom Wellington.
A good comparison.  Smallville at the beginning was about the meteor 
freak of the week, and how Clark could take care of it without revealing 
his powers. This seems to be about the magical menace of the week, and 
how Merlin can take care of it without revealing his powers...

Then there's Primeval, with the prehistoric monster of the week, CSI, 
with the unsolvable case of the week, House, with the diagnosis of the 
week.  Stargate, with the strange planet of the week. 

It's television. Just be glad the special effects are fun.
I'm not a Smallville fan, but I can't see this as enjoyable anyway.  On 
the other hand, there were a few people who liked Flash Gordon. . .
It certainly has nothing to do with the Arthur legends on any level.  
Didn't get to the last 10 of the second ep because golf ran over and 
they thought very little about the show to pull up short on 
commercials for a debut.
[email protected] says...

I read that most modern scholars agree that camelot was a complete 
fiction, so its fair they make it up isn't it? :)
Making it a 15th century French castle is a bit much, but that was just 
the warning shot across the bows.  NO version has ever had UTHER living 
to see Camelot or even his son, whom he never knew existed.
and thus erilar inscribed ... 

:) There are various "historical" documentaries or spoken/written stories ranging from many centuries, as well as various modern movies dealing with that lore. Any particular one you liked best?
I don't claim to have seen all of them 8-)  But, like Robin Hood movies, 
we are looking here at different ways of handling mythic/legendary 
material, not history.  I don't even care to look at any that claim to 
be a "true history"  of either Arthur or Robin.  My two favorite Robin 
Hood movies are the ones with Errol Flynn(at the fanciful extreme) and 
with Sean Connery as old Robin.  There was a good one on TV about the 
same time as the awful one with what's-his-name from _Dances with 
Wolves_(Yes, I'm blanking on his name, which also tells you something) 

Arthur movies(and books, of course) must go back as far as movies.  A 
recent one I did like was the one with Connery as Arthur, a really neat 
Guinevere, and Gere as a totally oafish Lancelot.(OK, I'm not the 
world's greatest Lance fan anyway)  It wasn't the best ever, but it was 
entertaining,  I half remember liking an old one with Cornel Wilde from 
long ago.   And didn't someone make a children's version of the first 
part of _The Once and Future King_, where Merlin is living backwards in 
time?  I don't care whether they follow Malory's remolding of the story, 
one of the other medieval treatments, or set it in post-Roman southern 
England or Wales(all of which books have done).  But this is the first 
version I've seen or read where Arthur is the teenage son of Uther 
living in a 15th-century palace/castle with Uther reigning king instead 
of his posthumous son or no relation.
Damn, I missed that she was in it.