Did they curse on Regis & Kelly?

TV Arts

I just watched Friday's "Regis & Kelly", where one of the guests was 
Michael C. Hall from "Dexter".  They aired a clip from the show, and I 
could have sworn one of the characters said "bullshit" and it wasn't 
bleeped.  If anything, it sounded like they tried to bleep it, but the 
guy with the dump button was slow on the trigger, and maybe he got rid 
of the "t".

I personally have no problem with adult language, but I can't believe 
that a show like this would do it intentionally.  Did I imagine it?
I've noticed this happening a lot recently, especially in movies where 
language is more common.  I heard one "fucking" and two "shits" in one day, 
although other language was bleeped out.