Ever send an email to a local TV station web site telling them the site was not

TV Arts

I did.  Told them their website was not as good as the local
competition and they needed
to make it better.

Guess they didn't like the unsolicited  comment as I heard nothing back
from them.  :)
I did! I e-mailed The New PL (CFPL-TV10) London (now known as A-Channel
London)  and told them that it really sucked that they aired the same
end credits to 'All My Children' which were only writing staff (there's
cast credits, writers and technical crew) constantly. I told them to
try and pick up the end credits to the Soap Net (same-day) run of AMC
which rotates the 3, and while they responded they couldn't do that,
they got ABC to run specialized end credits FOR their Canadian
audience. I was quite happy they listened, responded and took the
appropriate action.

NTV (Newfoundland Television) has a guestbook for comments (moderated).