Everybody Hates Chris Rocks!

TV Arts

Along with 'My Name Is Earl', I'll watch 'Everybody Hates Chris' every 
week! 'Joey'-who? Ah-ha, just kidding... I wouldn't have watched it, 
anyway. lol
Very cute. Another pleasant surprise along with Earl.
I enjoyed it...especially liked that the father is a strong man, 
yet isn't the typical "brute" you see in black families on 
film/TV. Similarly, the relationship between the kids was a little 
more nuanced too.
I loved that scene where the mother talked about why she should handle 
the bills.  And she was a very well done character.  Sure, she was 
strict on the kids, but it was clear that she loved them and that their 
relationship was rather warm at times.  She was my favorite character. 
It was great to see that the ratings were better than expected, though I 
wonder how it'll do once Alias starts.  Something tells me though that 
'Joey' is not going to make it through this season.

Yeah, unlike that total bitch Florida Evans who threatened their 
children with bodily harm for no good reason at all other than "she's 
the mom". It's not like that on "Chris". It's loving.
Actually, it reminded me a lot of the Curtis comic strip

Bill Bickel