Final Take on ABC's Fall '06 Sked

TV Arts

ABC's fall lineup was a tough one for me to figure out.
I'm almost convinced they'll turn out a sked that just
reeks of banality, returning such ratings losers as
According to Jim, George Lopez and Freddie and
handing over nearly half its lineup to reality and
competition shows, everything from American Inventor
and Supernanny to The Bachelor and Dancing with
Stars, leaving very little room for new stuff except for
the more unimaginative fare of the lot.   Which is
too bad, because the network looks like it has the
most interesting batch of new shows to choose from.
And if the execution of the premises of a lot of those
shows is successful, then we could just miss out on
seeing most of them.  So with this sked, instead of
the play-it-safe route that I dread the network will
take, I'm going to take a more sensible slash-and-burn
and rejuvenate approach and also be a little bit more
imaginative with the use of the returning reality shows
to construct the kind of lineup that ABC should come
up with.

Cancelled, according to me:
According to Jim, Hope & Faith, George Lopez,
Freddie, Rodney, Sons and Daughters [none of these
supposed sitcoms deserve another season with their
abysmal 3, 4 and 5 ratings]; also Less Than Perfect
[which had had its day two years ago], In Justice,
The Evidence, Invasion, Miracle Workers.  Not a tear
will be shed for any of them and none will be missed.

Masters of Science Fiction [already with a 4-episode
commitment], Enemies, Secrets of a Small Town,
Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mr. Nice Guy [the latter two
already targeted for mid-season by ABC].

New shows in CAPS.


      [After a decade's absence, a successful writer
      finds returning to his New England hometown to
      teach at a college not exactly a welcoming

      [Anne Heche as a relationship coach who
      finds herself stuck in an Alaskan town full of
      men after being dumped by her fiancee back


      [After a brief courtship of falling madly in love, a
      couple quickly gets married and then begin to
      find plenty of things to argue about]

      [Flashbacks, film clips and fantasy add to this
      detective buddy/ensemble comedy - Hey,
      David, didn't think I'd pick this one, huh?]


      [3 buddies find that they usually have no one to
      depend on but each other; series is already

      [Adult sibling rivalry between an older
      unsuccessful brother and his wealthier younger
      brother who moves into the dream mansion the
      older brother landscapes]

      [David James Elliott as a typical suburban family
      man who begins to look into why he can't
      account for a missing hour in each of his days]


      [Ted Danson as a manic shrink dealing with his
      group therapy clients]

      [Life with flamboyant, obnoxious rock star Max
      Flash and his long-suffering entourage]

      [Jason O'Mara as a cop who suffers from a
      narcolyptic drift that's compounded by
      hallucinations of his dead daughter aiding him on
      his cases]


      [A State Dept. staffer gets caught up in a
      conspiracy after he witnesses a Syrian embassy
      murder that goes unreported and unacknowledged]

      [A cop is forced to keep reliving the same day of
      his being accused of killing a state attorney, but
      does it differently each time as he hunts down the
      actual killer]

      would be a more traditional newsmagazine, the
      other more tabloid focused]



      American Inventor [alternating stretches]

      The Bachelor [alternating stretches]

      [An unattractive secretary is hired by a publishing
      mogul to work with his womanizing son to help
      him run a fashion magazine and navigate through
      the world of models]
OOPS!  I forgot something!  Check Dancing with the Stars Tuesday and

         Wife Swap [alternating stretches]
          Supernanny [alternating stretches]