Footballer's Wives--love it

TV Arts

If, like me, you're finding there's even less to watch than usual this
summer, give Footballer's Wives on BBC America a try. It's a pretty
funny and interesting show. Sort of a cross between Absolutely Fabulous
and a traditional Brit or Aussie soap.

It's not for everyone but if you ever laughed at the camp soap opera
hysterics on Dynasty or Melrose Place you'll probably enjoy it. It even
has it's own JR/Alexis: Tanya, who's a pretty awesome love-to-hate-her

As an American I find it entertaining for the "foreign" language and
the clothes as well. And being British they touch on subjects that are
often too taboo for delicate US audiences. One straight guy--a main
charactor--sleeps with a gay guy, an infant is killed just an episode
after being born--and by the family dog yet!
Love this show!