Fox orders script for Prison Break spin off- set in a female prison

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Fox is looking to expand its primetime prison population with a spinoff
from "Prison Break."

Tentatively titled "Prison Break: Cherry Hill," the potential new series
would be set at a women's prison and center on Molly, a new regular
character that will be introduced on "Prison" later this season.

Fox has ordered a script of the possible spinoff, which is being written
by "Prison" exec producer Matt Olmstead and co-exec producer Zack Estrin
and produced by 20th Century Fox TV.

Molly is an upper-middle-class wife. After suffering a family tragedy at
the hands of the Company -- the government conspiracy that framed
Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and put them
behind bars -- she seeks them out at the hellish Panamanian prison Sona
in her quest to exact vengeance.

"There is an ironic similarity between Molly and Michael -- they're both
emotionally banged-up, both have lost loved ones, and both want the
people responsible to pay -- so they empathize with each other,"
Olmstead said. (Michael's love interest Sara, played by Sarah Wayne
Callies, was killed earlier this season.)

In "Cherry Hill," which would have the same tone as "Prison," Molly goes
to a women's detention facility fully accepting the life sentence for
her acts of revenge until she is contacted by the government with
information that some of her loved ones are alive.

"In a moment's time, she is transformed from an unapologetic murderer to
a motivated woman who would do anything to get out of prison and be with
them," said Olmstead, who is exec producing "Cherry Hill" with Estrin
and "Prison" exec producer Dawn Parouse.

Olmstead and Parouse had been talking about developing a show set at a
women's prison for some time but had hit a roadblock -- how to set up
and launch such a show?

"Concurrent with that, on 'Prison Break' we wanted to introduce a
mystery character who brings some clues to the table and with whom
Michael and Lincoln work to uncover the big conspiracy," Olmstead said.
"The women's prison idea folded into the idea of introducing that
character, and once we combined them, it immediately popped for us."

He approached Estrin with the idea, and he came on board right away.

A search is under way for an actress to play Molly. "Prison" producers
will determine in which episode she will make her first appearance after
casting the role.

If "Cherry Hill" doesn't go forward, Molly will continue on "Prison" as
a regular character.

And Molly and Michael will break a new co-ed prison together.