Fox tonight - Simpsons, Hill, Malcolm, Family Guy...

TV Arts

I'm all Fox tonight


Simpsons rerun was all right.

King of the Hill - high point for me was when Peggy kicked Lucky in
the ribs, per his request.

Simpsons end of season was pretty good.  (I'm an atheist)  The choice
of musis "what a fool believes"  LOL!  "Stop praying to that stork!"

Malcolm - ho boy - last one ever.  Not that I could do any better but
the very end was so so.  High point for me was when granny said she
would go commando.  I dunno - probably high point of the night right

Family Guy - during the slavery flash back  "white bronco" LOL

Okay American Dad is starting...
King of the Hill and Malcolm were fantastic.  Everything else not so
much.  Discovering that Lois and Hal have this plan for Malcolm (and
Dewey) was too perfect.  Despite the fact that it lost much of its
audience, I personally do not feel Malcolm in the Middle ever jumped.
A great series through and through.